It’s been a long, long year for cinema lovers but, after much anticipation and a few delays, UK-based movie buffs can finally make their way back to big screens, surround sound, and overpriced popcorn.

Unsure what to see first? We’ve got you. We have compiled a short list of recent films that will be re-releasing in cinemas from May 17th, and that that we very much recommend you check out.

Nomadland (dir. Chloé Zhao)

“Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland is a compassionate, gorgeous hybrid between documentary and fiction, partly inspired by Jessica Bruder’s 2017 nonfiction book ‘Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century’…

Frances McDormand gives a pensive, self-effacing performance as Fern, a widow and former teacher in the old company town of Empire, Nevada. Devastated by a factory closure as a result of the economic crisis, Empire was wiped off the map – literally, as its ZIP code was discontinued – and Fern, along with many others, was forced to pack her possessions and hit the open road.” Read our full review of Nomadland.

Nomadland won big at this year’s Academy Awards, and its picturesque landscapes certainly lend themselves to the big screen.

Minari (dir. Lee Isaac Chung)

“A tender and sweeping story about what roots us, the film follows a Korean-American family that moves to an Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. The family home is further rocked by the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed, but incredibly loving grandmother (Yuh-jung Youn)….

Minari does not shy away from recounting the many hardships, trials and tribulations faced by the family in their pursuit of stability and contentment. In the end however, this is first and foremost a story of hope: a hearty slice of cinema that proves as warm and comforting as a bowl of Grandma’s Kimchi Jiigae.” Read our full review of Minari.

Nominated for six Oscars, Minari won the golden statuette for Best Supporting Actress, thanks to a fantastic performance by Yuh-jung Youn. A warm and gentle film best enjoyed in cinemas.

Sound of Metal (dir. Darius Marder)

“Darius Marder’s film replaces plot-heavy drama with a detailed experiment in how to watch a movie. An experiment that imparts a dramatic impression of what navigating the world feels like when one of your senses has been stripped from you. This startling, grounded realism makes Sound of Metal a compellingly human, fascinating character study…

Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and Lou (Olivia Cooke) are a two-piece punk group who are also a couple offstage, touring the USA in their RV and chasing their musical dreams. It all comes to an abrupt stop however, when Ruben begins to lose his hearing. It gets so bad that Lou checks Reuben into a retreat for deaf people run by the firm but fair Joe (Paul Raci), whose hospitality sparks an inner conflict in Ruben between the life he now faces and the life he left behind.” Read our full review of Sound of Metal.

Certainly one best enjoyed with the full force of cinema sound systems on your side, Sound of Metal is one you don’t want to miss.

Raya and the Last Dragon (dirs.
Carlos López Estrada, Don Hall)

Raya and the Last Dragon tells the story of a once united land called Kumandra, where humans and dragons had long lived together in harmony. However, when a great evil called the Druun threatened the land and all who lived there, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the humans. 500 years later, the world is fractured into five tribes.

Raya (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran) is from Heart, and has been tasked with protecting the Dragon Gem, a powerful orb that keeps the Druun from awakening. That is until a fatal mistake results in the gem breaking and its pieces being stolen, thereby releasing the Druun and plunging the world into darkness and despair once again. Raya must overcome her fears and distrust to reunite all five pieces of the gem to bring peace back to the lands, with help from the last of the dragons, Sisu.” Read our full review of Raya and the Last Dragon.

And finally, one for those seeking some family-friendly showings, look no further than this visually stunning and heart-warming Disney offering.