David Tait and Julian Jarrold on the true story of sexual abuse behind Sulphur and White

Sulphur and White tells the true story of David Tait (Mark Stanley), famed city trader and mountaineer, whose life was greatly influenced by the trauma he experienced as a child in South Africa. Flashing between past and present, the film pieces together his situation and witnesses his attempts to leave the past behind.

David Tait has had a long, successful and high-profile career, raising millions for the NSPCC, a children’s charity of which he is an ambassador. Now his childhood is the subject of Julian Jarrold’s latest feature, Sulphur and White, an exploration of a child’s sexual abuse and its long-term consequences. We spoke with Tait and Jarrold about the film.  

Sulphur and White is out in cinemas now. 

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