Fast X is now the tenth instalment in the long-running blockbuster franchise known as the Fast Saga. It takes us back ten years ago, to Rio De Janeiro, where Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) famously stole a safe full of cash from drug kingpin Herman Reyes and dragged it through the streets.  Little did anyone know that by taking down Reyes, a target would be put on the backs of everyone in the Toretto family…

A quick spoiler alert – Fast X is not the last movie in the Fast Saga, and it’s not even a complete story. It’s Part 1 of what seems so far to be an epic conclusion to the dramatic and enjoyably preposterous franchise. As such, it’s hard to comment on the story structure, since we’re technically only part of the way through.

Courtesy of Universal

The plotline explored in the movie itself has an excellent set up and constantly building stakes, thanks to our new villain. If you enjoy Fast movies, this is more of what you want: epic and absurd events that force our beloved family to solve problems in car-related ways. The family are separated, and the film jumps between them to follow along as they try to come back together. 

The old cast are brilliant as they always are in these films. Every face we know and love is revisited in this movie, with even some that nobody thought would be returning showing up in the final moments. As one part of a final film to such a big series, it is good to see these old faces as well as welcoming newcomers to the series, such as Tess (played by Brie Larson). Old enemies reunite, and Fast X seems intent on solving some of these past encounters before the saga concludes.

The show-stealer, however, is undoubtedly Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes. His presence takes over the screen and he is having the most fun that it is possible to have in this outrageously over-the-top role. Dante is terrifying, unpredictable and violent in a way that layers everything he says and does in discomfort. 

Courtesy of Universal

There is mild criticism that can be levelled towards this character – it is stated that he is a psychopath and was “in and out of hospitals” for his entire life. And, while Dante is a terrifying character, his violence and eccentricities often played for laughs, so turning his behaviour towards a clinical diagnosis makes this a deeply questionable representation of mental health. 

At the end of the day though, if you are someone who enjoys adrenaline-pumping action are are looking for time to put your reality aside for some hilariously over-the-top carnage, Fast X is for you. As an old fan of the franchise, this film feels like visiting old friends and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Fast X releases in cinemas from May 19th.