The first trailer for Disney’s Mulan live-action remake is here

The latest addition to Disney’s live-action remake obsession, Mulan has been confirmed for release in 2020.

This first trailer confirms what has been said so far of the film, which is that it will divert fairly significantly from the 1998 original. Mulan (Yifei Liu) will not face the leader of the Hun Army, Shan Yu, nor will she be falling in love with Li Shang. Instead, she will be going up against a powerful witch (Li Gong), and her love interest will be a fellow soldier – as opposed to her captain.

The visual style looks less like the fairytale aesthetic taken up by Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo or Aladdinand more like the classic Hong Kong action cinema.

Perhaps to dub it a remake is not quite right… Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Laura Potier

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