Summerland follows the story of fiercely independent folklore investigator, Alice (Gemma Arterton) who secludes herself in her clifftop study, debunking myths using science to disprove the existence of other-worldly forces and magic. Consumed by her work, but also profoundly lonely, she is haunted by a love affair from her past.

Gemma Arterton in 2020 historical drama Summerland

When spirited young Frank (Toby Osmond), an evacuee from the London Blitz, is dumped into her irritable care, his innocence and wonder unlock deeply buried and painful secrets in Alice’s past, and make her re-evaluate what it really means to free your imagination. Bravely embracing life’s miraculous unpredictability, Alice learns that wounds may be healed, hope and second chances do exist, and any woman must defiantly be two things: who and what she wants.

One of the first British films to release in cinemas since lockdown, and from Olivier Award winning writer/director Jessica Swale, Summerland is an intensely emotional journey of womanhood and self-discovery, love and friendship.