Director’s Intention, the newest romantic comedy from filmmaker Kim Min-geun, tells the classic story of young love and the common misunderstandings that come with age.

The film centres on the complicated relationship between exes Sun-hwa (Han Sun-hwa), a highly skilled location scout passionate about her city, and Do-young (Lee Wan), a successful director returning to his hometown to film. As luck (or sly planning) would have it, they end up working alongside each other on Do-young’s newest production as he desperately seeks filming locations for the shoot. While this arrangement appears to please Do-young, who also hopes to get some closure while back in Busan, it’s clear that this reunion is neither pleasant nor desired by Sun-hwa. Indeed, her initial reaction can most accurately be described as horrified, and further interactions between the two aren’t much better. 

Courtesy of LKFF

Heartbroken after their break-up years prior, she has yet to overcome the bitterness in her heart for the boy who dumped her for a shiny new future in Seoul. Rattled by the unexpected turn of events, his return threatens the stable, adult life Sun-hwa had built since his departure, as she struggles with her complicated emotions while striving to remain professional and detached at work. Her displeasure is exacerbated by his picky, almost petulant behaviour, as his struggle to visualise the film in Busan causes her to face constant failure and rejection.

As she slowly goes insane from the situation, Sun-hwa must face off with her ex-boyfriend-turned-client. With the clock ticking, she must wake Do-young up from his boyhood memories and force him to face the reality of today’s Busan if they have any chance of booking the locations before their deadline. Our two lovesick characters must face their past and decide what they want for their future before the decision is taken out of their hands – but such things are easier said than done. Can old wounds truly heal? Or will the weight of their mistakes prove too much? 

Courtesy of LKFF

A sweet and entertaining romantic comedy, Director’s Intention perfectly walks the line between cliché (in the best sense) and over the top. It never feels overly dramatic or sensational, choosing to keep things simple and relatable. Consequently, we get a film with all the warm fuzzy feelings of a classic rom-com without all the overbearing tackiness of more recent western offerings. Our couple is the sort you can’t help but root for, while the battles they face between young love and cold, hard reality are challenges many young couples are forced to endure. Naturally, you can’t help but hold out hope for their happy-ever-after, keeping you glued to the screen for clues of what’s to come. But as any Korean film can teach you: no ending is guaranteed until the credits roll.

Director’s Intention screens at the London Korean Film Festival on November 14th. The 17th London Korean Film Festival 2022 runs from 3rd November – 17th November in cinemas across London. For more info: